March 3, 2009


This site is an archive for plays for children and adults, translations, articles, and other writings by Dale F. Coye.


The Plays

March 1, 2009

Plays by Arthur Schnitzler

The Greatest Most Stupendous Show on Earth

Plays by Johann Nestroy (junior high school, high school, community theatre)

Richman, Poorman

The House of the Four Temperaments

The Sleepwalkers

Plays for college students

A Child’s Guide to American History

The Shepherd Proposal

Plays from The Waldorf School of Princeton for Grades 1 – 7

An Overview: Plays for Children

Purchasing Information

Comments from teachers whose classes have performed these plays

1st and 2nd Grade:  The Land of Sounds

3rd Grade:  The Story of Moses

4th Grade:  Loki and Sif’s Golden Hair

5th Grade:  Perseus and Danae

6th Grade:  Crusader, Muslim, and Jew

7th grade:  Magellan

 Plays for high school students

            Antigone Too

We recently performed the 4th grade play.  It was a hit!  Many compliments were given by parents, teachers, and students alike.  An 8th grader told me, as she passed in the hall, “The 4th grade play was really good; it was the first play I actually listened to.”  I thought this was the penultimate of compliments! 
Victoria, Washington Waldorf School
I want to thank you for your wonderful play, Crusader, Muslim and Jew, that my class just performed to great reviews.  The children were able to do so much of it themselves — all backdrops, props, costume changes, prompting, lighting, the program and on and on.  We enriched it with extra music including 2 cellos, a viola and 2 violins.  They opened the play with Mozart’s Veil of Destiny from The Magic Flute.  After the prologue we had the strings and the class singing The HaTikvah to set the mood for Nathan’s house in scene 1.  Whenever the Christian Brothers were due to enter, we first introduced them with a Sanctus sung by the class behind stage, giving the mood of chanting in a monastery.  The class really took up the themes of the play and the parents were impressed with the understanding expressed throughout.
Wendy, Class 6 Teacher, East Bay Waldorf School, CA 

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